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Generate keys, delete temporary folders, analyze your PC...


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K1 Tools is a multitasking application from where you can realize a lot of actions and access applications of that are useful enough for the management of Windows.

The program does a thorough check of all the PC components showing them on the main screen. This turns out to be very useful to know specific data about certain elements.

K1 Tools is split up in various sections:

Options: Change the color of Windows, password generator, Windows process control, list of drivers and services, TCP/IP analyzer...

Option II: Add direct accesses to the program, let it start by default with Windows and include an option to disconnect from the internet.

KCleaner: Deletes temporary internet files like cookies or history, empties the Recycle Bin, deletes temporary files from your PC, logs, copies .bak..

Hide/Show: Hides or shows the system tray, the start button or the quick access toolbar.

Power computer: Restart, turn off or suspend your Windows session.

All of this and a lot more in a completely free application that will become essential for a lot of people.
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